Traditional Herbal Medicines

Carpobrotus edulis
Traditional Herbal Medicines go way back, many many years before Western or Allopathic  came onto the scene.
Yet Traditional has been pushed into the background mainly by Big Pharma as there is no way of Patenting Traditional Medicines and making fortunes out of them.
In South Africa at least there is still a large following who trust and use these Traditional Herbal Medicines. Apart from the fact that they do work, these medicines are much less expensive than man-made formulas.
A popular misconception about Traditional Herbal Practitioners is that they are so-called ‘witch doctors or sangomas’
That is so far from the truth that it doesn’t really warrant mentioning – The Herbal Practitioner works with and uses natural products supplied by our Creator, not by Scientists and Pharmacists.
The first step is to find the CAUSE of the homoeostatic imbalance and treat that, rather than just alleviating the SYMPTOMS.
If you were to approach a Traditional Herbal Practitioner with joint pains associated with arthritis, chances are you would be given Devil’s claw (harpagophytum procumbens)¬† powder among other herbs.
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